Friday, May 4, 2018

Rust Belt Boy/Suitcase Living


Euclid Ave. saturday night


 Stretch and the Legendary Donuts

 Time machine


 McGinty's, corner of Bunts and Madison

 beer ambient

 The corner of my dad's old street, (before he moved to his current place),
 Wascana and Madison
and the pizza joint he recommended.
 Ordered it every week.

 Box of my old tapes found in my dad's closet

 and these...

 The pic on top of my dad's fridge... 
or Kono wipes the tears from his eyes.

 A good bar opens early, stays open late
Normandy Tavern, Lorain Ave. near W140th
(the reviews on Yelp are brilliant)

Pops and me.

The girl who missed me most.

Rust Belt Boy.


Exile on Pain Street said...

Man, what a great montage. I'm sure it comes as no surpirse that I recognize the naib. It's been decades but some stuff never fades away. I like your Da's sideburns. Is that you in the last pic? Does the shirt say Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland?

looby said...

This is great, better than any Lonely Planet guide or poncy Guardian supplement glossy travel section. Makes me want to get on a plane right now. First stop, the Normandy Tavern! And it's always so interesting to put a face to a blog.

Kono said...

Exile- thought you'd enjoy this one.

looby- my dad's old neighborhood was a colorful place, the Normandy is just another in a long line of shady establishments that i've visited... and there's the million dollar idea, a travel guide of disreputable establishments where all kinds of things can be procured!! All we need to do is sell that idea and get some publisher to give us a "research" budget ;)

kid said...

that Clevo donut could totally kick an Eat n Park smiley cookie's ass. ... damn quality series.

Kono said...

kid- coming from you my brother that is some mighty high praise, gracias mi amigo... and those donuts are top notch, i won't lie, i ate that one.

daisyfae said...

Pops was rockin' those pork chop side burns! i have always been a sucker for those. With luck, next generation hipsters will bring them back, and i'll hate them.