Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All the young dudes/ Jesus Jack Sparrow

In all my laziness i've decided to cop out and go all daddy blog bullshit and post nothing, i mean really the only blogs that are any good are the ones where housefrau's gush about their progeny so in an inept attempt to boost my stats and generate ad revenue i'll just go on and on about the chillen, cuz like Wu-tang i'm for the chillen, at least mine anyway, so while i waste away the hours watching my favorite hockey club piss away another year y'all can all look at this or that or the other.  Catch you later. 
We're gonna need a bigger boat..


You talking to me?


King Ripple Chip
Jesus Jack Sparrow and the Resurrection Eggs


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Daddy posts are inevitable. You are powerless to resist. Hey, get that giant bag of chip away from that kid.

mapstew said...

Happy childers! You doin' good my friend. :¬)

daisyfae said...

they are beautiful...

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