Monday, March 11, 2013

Yeah, well, what?

I've been listening to this record a lot lately, seems i've been doing alot of recreational recreating when the skies get dark and the man is left to nothing but himself and the four walls of his own personal dungeon, that's okay though, i have these problems, sometimes i just gotta fuck off for a bit, listen to tunes and wander around the place as if it's not really mine, think Strummer called it lost in the supermarket or some such shit, could be that everything that's new is old again, i mean the other day i was driving slowly down the tree-lined suburban streets, stoned out of my gourd, soda in the soda holder, bobbing my head to the music and looking at the sleepy streets and quiet houses that lined these drives and avenues and blvds and it struck me that i've come full circle, 25 years and here i was just like the kid from Cleveland driving down the street stoned with a soda, driving of course to pick up a pizza cuz hell man nothing says munchies like a fine pie you know? and so who knows maybe i'll get back to this soon but really there is no rush, i gotta shitload of good records to play, on vinyl cuz i'm like a fucking nerd or something but i'll get there sooner or later, one of these days i'll take a break from the habit and do something constructive, i mean shit i'm fucking turning into Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, either getting stoned and high or working out or sometimes both at the same fucking time, i dunno, either way Rassles has tagged me with some strange blog thingy so i guess i gotta do that sometime or get like the bad juju or some such shit, but i'm working on it, well not really but i'm thinking about it now and then... cheers.

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