Monday, July 2, 2012

Half Dozen

Yes yes we all know the story, seems i never get tired of prattling on about the day my first son was born, how dad had gone out the night before and got royally fucking wasted cuz he figured it was the last chance he'd have before his kid was born, a good three weeks before the due date and all that shit but of course the boy came early and our hero was in a right mess right from the get go you know, but hey you know what? it's the best fucking thing i ever did, you see at the end of the summer i'll turn a ripe old 42 and basically for the last 1/7 of my life i've been responsible for something more than just getting wasted and laid and though i'd never thought i'd admit this it's been the last half dozen years that have really meant something to me, oh yeah i wouldn't have traded the first 35 in for anyone else's, i lived fast and loose and fucking had a real good time but then this dude showed up and suddenly there was alot more to life than the next party or piece of ass, in fact had i known how much fun this whole kid thing was gonna be i may have considered starting younger and having more but then again i think i may have timed it just right, sometimes dumb luck counts to you know (and i've since taken myself out of the gene pool but that's another post)  and what's even stranger is i sometimes wonder who's teaching who, i mean who's really learning the ropes here in this little deal i got with the boyos? i often realize how i'm the one being trained and how where once in used to fidget and fuss to get to the bar and roam the streets i now find myself  wanting nothing more than to sit on the couch come friday night all so i can be within walking distance of my boyos, i'm fucking smitten with those two and i don't see it getting any bettter... so Happy Birthday to you I-mac, all six years old and going on 16, you're a smart ass just like your daddy but you're a damn sweet kid... and since this is back to back daddy blog posts i'll work on getting back to something a bit more adult as they say, but what can i say? i'm a proud fucking papa... that last pic is my boy being pissed and doing his best Brian Jones, nice.


sybil law said...

Happy 6th Birthday to the future lady-killer! He's going to break many hearts, I think. :)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

If you had started younger it would have crashed and burned. Just like me. Some of us are late bloomers for this sort of thing. The dads who start too young always wind up miserable and broken. It works out better this way. Older, wiser, more patient, etc.

God I'm boring myself.

daisyfae said...

i'm thinking you got it right. he's beautiful.

Kono said...

Sybil- he likes the girls, for awhile i thought he might be the one who gets his heart broken when he gets older now i'm realizing both these boys might be T-R-ubble when it comes to the girlies, everyone hide your daughters.

UB- you're right and i'm glad i got at least something right, being starting late cuz i woulda been a monumental fuck-up had i started earlier, hell i'm still battling that problem.

Daisy- gracias... dem two little buggers sure do make me smile... when they're not driving me completely batshit that is.