Monday, May 14, 2012

Donald "Duck" Dunn

It wasn't the first time i heard the music but it was the first time i actually listened, you know watching Barfly and hearing this funky shit in the background and going "what the fuck is that? that's brilliant" and so in the holy book of three's this one makes three in a little over a week... Valhalla just got a whole lot funkier.


sybil law said...

Fantastic - and it was Barfly for me, too. :)

Gulfboot Nunez said...

I gotta say I didn't care too much about MCA or the other guy, 'cos I never really got into the Beastie Boys and I didn't read no goddamn books when I was a kid. But this bloke was special as fuck. It was a dream of mine to get a picture taken with all the alive MGs. I got Cropper. Then Booker T himself. I thought about tracking Dunn down to a golf course in Florida. In the end I saw him play with Eddie Floyd. I got a picture OF him but not with him. He looked frail but played the fuck out of his bass.

Jayne said...

Love that Booker T. Groooovin.