Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Video of the Year - Diamond Rings - It's Not My Party

Yeah kids i know i posted this a while back but since it's the kick-off of  Kono's year in review i'd had to put it up again, in short this is like some fucked up John Hughes short film, perfect in tone and feeling and soundtrack, besides who doesn't love a fetching lad in a short skirt? really? there is obviously alot i can relate to in the video and no i'm not talking about walking around in heels and a dress motherfuckers, i am though talking about hanging out in hipster bars and popping pills and snorting drugs and getting ridiculously drunk and falling down or getting in a fight and then stumbling into some random pizza shop in a useless attempt to sober up, it reminds me alot of the places i've hung out over the years and the interesting things i've seen and the people i've met, i mean did i ever tell you the story about doing blow in a women's bathroom with a 6'6 inch drag queen and her slave? I also like the fact that this cat was in a hardcore band and got sick of all the macho stereotypes of what he was supposed to be and started a solo project that is obviously gender-bending, i mean good art i believe should ask some uncomfortable questions should it not?  so yes once again Diamond Rings.


Gulfboot Johnson said...

I was in that toilet with you and the drag queen and the slave. I love you.

Anonymous said...

I love love love this song!