Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the Season Vol. 2 Song 4 - Loving Cup - The Rolling Stones

Now if you're real fucking special you can make a request here at the lounge and it might get played, granted most of you ain't that special so don't bother, Gulfboot and the Kid, Nick Disaster and the I-mac, and who's the last one, who loves this song, hmmm, well i'll give you a hint, they are mentioned somewhere in this song, and I'm sure the world wants to know who's my favorite Stone no? of course the obvious answer would be Keef, Mr. Richards and i have a lot in common, the hipster answer would be Brian Jones and i must admit i am partial to Brian but he's a close second to #1... Mick, come the fuck on now, no my favorite is easily Charlie Watts, why? cuz he's the coolest motherfucker in the band, really, for some reason i can picture the 70's and Keef all smacked out and Mick running around and Brian dead and the assortment of other Stones all acting like maniacs and there would be Charlie, doing his coke and smoking his cigarette and drinking his booze with more than a modicum of composure, wry smile and sharp wit, nother line Charles, cheers mate, yep Charlie Watts is my favorite.


sybil law said...

And always with that Charlie look on his face. :)

Gulfboot Nunez said...

Fucking mega.

My view on the Stones.

Brian was a penis.
Mick is a Penis who wrote great lyrics.
Bill is a misery.
Charlie is a jazz man putting up with rocknrollers.
Ronnie is just an ex-Face.
The other Mick was a victim.
Keef is a god amongst men.

Jayne said...

Charlie's always been the coolest. What a beautiful buzz...