Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tis the Season Vol. 2 Song 16 - Oh My Sweet Carolina

I've been having it a bit lately, espcecially the last two days, i went on a bit of a bender and even as i sit here and think about what a fucking moron i can be i'm still staring at the beer in my fridge and wondering if it's to early?  See on thursday i sampled something called Apollo 13, then i thought about driving myself to the hospital the shit was so good and for the next half hour i talked myself down from the ledge, it's not like i don't know better and i do and i'm sure that saved me an ER visit and cost the ER staff a funny story about some wasted guy who was so high he asked for a rubber room and a straitjacket but it wore off a little but not a lot and though i know people who smoke to dull the mind mine seems to race even more, which leads me to this bar and babbling like a fucking idiot to people i had just met, my mind going so fast that they thought i was cranking lines of coke in the bathroom, of course when my mind goes that fast i tend to rattle off shit that one might consider highly inappropriate or offensive, i don't know i can barely fucking remember half the time, it's not as if i intend to offend it's just i'm a fucking idiot with brain that won't stop sometimes, of course i drank like a fish to try to slow it down but it's debatable how well that worked and then i went and slept a few hours and went to work where a bunch of people got shown the door and we all piled into some downtown bar where i proceeded to drink 7 imperial pints of Guinness and some good Irish whiskey on an empty stomach and all before 4pm, which led me back to the burbs to be once again told what a fuck-up i am, as if i needed someone to point this out to me, which started a swift and wicked decline into what turned out to be a right shit night, not that it hasn't happened before but as i began to feel the hangover come on as i lay on my couch and listen to the wind all the dumb shit you've done starts coming back to you and you began to wonder why you ever leave the fucking house but then again even the house doesn't offer that much safety, at least not until everyone's asleep and you're alone but that's when shit might actually feel the bleakest, so happy fucking new year, i'm sure this won't be the last post today but then again it's early i could end up in all kinds a trouble if i put my mind to it...


sybil law said...

Holy shit - I wonder if I recently had that Apollo 12 shit myself - I had a recent experience that was damn near the same (but luckily I didn't have a lot). I talked myself down and spent some alone time until the feeling went away. That's my general plan of action when I'm feeling out of control!
Happy Fucking New ear, Kono!
I hope 2012 is better to all of us!!

(Also, I need your email - mine is . I'm taking my blog private. Tired of wondering who's reading my shit.)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like on helluva hangover

Kono said...

Sybil- the email will be coming shortly.

Nurse- I've had worse, it's more the realization of what a fucking idiot i am after i sober up enough to realize it.

Jayne said...

geeze kono--i'd sure hate for your belly to start bleeding out, but I'm not your mama, so I won't say what a mother'd say.

But don't pull a Kerouac on us. Just saying'.