Friday, December 30, 2011

Tis the Season Vol. 2 Song 14 - Daughters of the SoHo Riots by THE NATIONAL

A day late and a dollar short, most of spent it at the bar last night, and let me tell you it was a good fucking night at the bar last night but i digress, this here is a tribute to my first 6 months in suburbia, sure it's shot in Paris or something, Vincent Moon is horribly French, in a good way of course.. and while i'm doing this 70 some more people are signing their walking papers here at the Big World Bank Machine, the ship is damn near sunk, from 300 plus to the handful of us left, i've avoided the ax so far but soon they will call me to the abattoir for my gutting, they've tacked another six months on the sentence and if i'm lucky this time next year i'll be posting from my last day on the job, one never knows which way the wind will blow though so i'll hang on and fiddle as the last of the lifeboats row away and my ship sinks into the icy waters, that's fine though, i've always been a good swimmer and when it does happen i'll adjourn back to the burbs to drive quiet streets late at night and listen to songs like this and dream of my sons and their smiles, dream of exotic women and roaring surf, dream of the neon and smoke that i left behind and sing how can anybody know/ how i got to be this way?


Anonymous said...

How I love Matt's deep rich voice

Diary of Why said...

So if you know about Vincent Moon, you must know about La Blogotheque, I assume? Best website ever.

Kono said...

Nurse- i work on my Matt imitation all the time.

DofW- i've heard of it but i've never been there, kind of like Brasil.