Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Singalong you sniffling Indie Kids

I'm working

but i'm not working for you


Slack Motherfucker


Gulfboot Johnson said...

"You know what I hate about working? Bosses.

'Hicks, how come you're not working?'

I'd go, 'There's nothing to do.'

'Well, you pretend like you're working.'

'Well, why don't you pretend I'm working? Yeah, you get paid more than me, you fantasise. Pretend I'm mopping. Knock yourself out. I'll pretend they're buying stuff; we can close up. I'm the boss now, you're fired. How's that?'"

Anonymous said...

so th├ít´s what you´re doing :)

Kono said...

this is a song from my beloved Superchunk Nursie, circa 1991 or so and the other day while i was completely fucking off at work i watched an old video of it on youtube and then took a nap, cuz you know i'm working but i'm not working for uh them.