Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Croup, gout and the Queen

The imaginary boy is down with the croup, that horrible rasping cough that makes him sound more like an imaginary sea lion, el Kono is walking a fine line with the gout, feeling the needles in the ankle but pretending like they don't exist, mild head cold, slightly exhausted, walked for miles today hoping the imaginary boy would sleep but ended up being nothing more than tired and sweaty while IB laughed and ate crackers and drank water and pointed at trucks... need some Guinness to sort out the head and the gout, it's got vitamins you know, could use a smoke, a good night's sleep, a decent meal, sunshine, cough drops, a new pair of shoelaces for the Van's, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, could use a lot of things these days but still it's on hold cuz when the IB rasps or cries or sits there looking sad cuz he feels like shit he just can't say it everything else stops.

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