Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kicking Television

I don't watch alot of the tube unless of course it's the footie but seeing as how i was relaxing and on vacation i took time out from my rigorous reading schedule (only a pompous ass would say this) to see what the world of television was all about. I can admit that as a form of escapist entertainment it's probably better for you than say heroin but i can also say quite possibly just as harmful. It's so passive it scares me. So what did i watch?

My favorite thing was the show about Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, those wacky 80's child stars who ended up with little drug problems, Haim is lucky to be alive and looks just as fucked up sober as he did high, Feldman is now an upstanding citizen of the world promoting animal rights and other shit. Riveting crap nonetheless.

I saw shows about swapping wives, shows about bounty hunters, i watched the news and watched the Bourne Identity overdubbed in Spanish, watched Dr. Phil for fucks sake, i spent to much money in the casino and won very little so in a way i was forced to watch more television than i would of liked but one can only have so many martini's and Cuban cigars and still awake early in the A.M. to reserve a little hut to keep one's skin out of the brutal Caribbean sun. Most days i hid under the hut, went to the pool bar and swam in the ocean looking somewhat like a sea otter with just my head peeping up from the water and everything else submerged. Unfortunately i'm not as smart as the wily sea otter and could find no shell to crack open oysters, come to think of it i couldn't find any oysters either though i wasn't really looking.

So that's my foray into the world of television, how people can watch so much of it baffles me but to each his own hey Caesar.


spanish tony said...

I don't know what I'm more surprised by. That you have only learnt that TV is shite, or exactly how much more shite you have on your box than we do this side of the pond. I've taken to listening to the radio of an evening (ala Gulfboot style), and you'll be glad to know, that it's a shite free zone. BBC Radio 2 8pm to 11pm every week night GMT is the only way to avoid TV.... and reading!
Brother get yourself a satellite radio receiver and enjoy.

Kono said...

i got satellite radio on the TV but at night the TV is dominated by Mother, i tend to surf the net and listen to radio that way, i tend to smoke cigarettes, i tend read strange blogs and dream of lime jello.

Kono said...

Today i've watched USA v. Sweden and Germany v. England, so the telly not shite when the footie's on, and trust me dear Spaniard i always knew it was shite but sometimes i just like to remind myself how shite it really is and that usually happens after i've blown my wad at the casino.