Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Democracy Now aka Vote or Die

Well it occurred to me the other day as i sat eating a Big Mac for the first time in years, part of my life's to short diatribe aka the yearful of cheerful, that the lounge may have been getting bogged down in a bit of existentialist bullshit, you know what i mean, to much time spent staring at the wall fretting over the fate of the universe, see i saw some show on the T.V. that told me all the ways mankind could become extinct... from like strange astral happenings to the A-bomb and it just reinforced my opinion that we're all just busy little worker ants wasting the days til the dirt nap... oh see there i go again, so today i'm asking you the good readers of the lounge,both of you, in the words of P. Puffy Diddy Daddy Sean Combs, to Vote or Die motherfuckers...

Decision 07

Next week there are two bands playing the same shitty joint on the city's fair southside... One is Band of Horses, the My Morning Jacket rip-offs who i happen to quite like and i really shouldn't call them that cuz they don't really rip the MMJ


Lez Zeppelin, an all female Led Zeppelin cover band who apparently kick ass...

I leave it in your hands voters to help me decide which show i should attend or i might just get drunk and sit on my porch smoking cigarettes