Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Belated B-day Ian Curtis

Driving through the city this morning, the skies overcast, a slight drizzle, listening to Digital, Disorder, New Dawn Fades, Glass, the suffocation of the approaching city, the horrors of our consumer culture, the dreariness of the oncoming work day, made me wish art could of saved his life... but he did what he did and if you really want to understand the man i don't suggest the books or the movies but the music and the what was said between the words, most men can be figured out in the silences in between, understood a bit better... on his birthday, July 15th, i got drunk, the next day i caught a cold and today i was catching up with my old friend, i don't think i understood him when i was 16, had a better grasp of him at 25 and now accept him for what he is and appreciate his company at 36 even if he'll forever be only 23. Happy birthday Ian Curtis.

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