Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Swede emotion

I don't know about you but ever since Sven Goran Erickson got canned from the England job i can't stop listening to Swedish Music in particular and Scandinavian music in general. My current obsession being Peter, Bjorn and John. The name Bjorn fucking reeks of Swede, i might even demand that people start calling me Bjorn though i'm neither Swedish nor a football manager. Huh?

My closest personal encounter with Swedes came when i was in Lido Key, Fl. when a whole pack, tribe, pride, whatever you call it in Sweden came in and ate at the same restaurant. The where all blonde and blue eyed and i'm not even sure they were Swedish cuz i didn't talk to them i just gazed lovingly like i do at the polar bears at the zoo. All i could do was watch in amazement as they ate their food and conversed in some Nordic tongue. The mother, being particularly striking, had at least 5 children and still looked beautiful. She was big and strong and looked like she popped out the kids and went right back to working the ice fields.

But this is not about that now is it. It's about the amount of Swedish music i've been listening to, like The Radio Dept., Sereena Maneesh (though they may not be Swedish, maybe Norwegian) PB&J, and some others that escape me in my moment of Swedish revelry. Fucking-A-Freddie Ljunberg.

I am smitten with Sweden. I want to go where the sun never sets and drink Vodka through those ice slides, sing songs, discuss Swedish philosophy, debate the merits of Henrik Larsson post dreadlocks and ogle tall, blonde haired, blue eyed women who want nothing to do with me.
Viva la Sweden.


Gulfboot Johnson said...

I think I'm going through a Norway thing. Thanks to some chav called Gustav Vigeland and his giant pissy baby.

spanish tony said...

This crushes me to tell you this Lar but Sweden is a fuckin dump. Bin there, had the bird you name it. Let me break it down. 1. It's dark (all the time) 2. No house is complete without it's flagpole, although I know much of your people are the same. 3. No cunt has a sense of humour 4. Taxis accept all major credit cards. that shit makes me sick. But got to admit Peter, Bjorn and John are quality, ironically I think theie best tune is one about a certain city in Holland, who'd have thunk it. Peace