Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup diary - piece of shit

i almost got in two fist fights at the pub, not that these rich kids would have lasted ten seconds cuz they wouldn't have, i'm fuckng loaded and pissed that we got hosed and these rich kid pc fucks should have got beaten to with an inch of their lives so that they know that some of us work our asses off to survive, yeah i know you're a waiter but only cuz you think it's quaint and fun and something to to do before daddy gives you a job, call me a racist piece of shit, funny cuz i call it passion and you can go and fuck yourself you self serving arrogant bastards, i made my own way in this world and bring you, your daddy and his brothers and i'll fuck you all in the ass to show you who's boss, got it? show up wednesday and i'll feed you you your fucking lunch, diplomacy'sout the fucking window, that said i broke down it tears on the second goal and we got hosed out of a third by a THRID WORLD FUCKING REFEREE FROM MALI?, fuck all that though cuz this is what its all about kids, fucking passion and drinking and i'll see you on wednesday if you got the balls.


twin said...

That ref needed a swift kick to the head.....!!!

Kono said...

for the record the only thing i said was that ref was a third world piece of shit (after he disallowed a perfectly good goal which would have given the USA the biggest comeback in World Cup history) which prompted my priveleged onlookers to comment that i was a racist piece of shit, which in turn kicked off an interesting few minutes, i did apolgize to them if i offended them but as any footie fan knows there is much shit talking during games, the exception took place when the 5'8 inch pudgy waiter wouldn't let it go, of course after i told his friend that he was ten seconds away from a trip to the hospital he became slightly more amiable. And man was i fucking drunk, a rare drunken rant from El Kono. enjoy

twin- ditto.

kid said...

Quote of the day:

"You need to teach your friend some new words."

- Sour-faced woman whose
lighter I'd borrowed after the match.

If she only knew.

Gulfboot Johnson said...

I pissed off some French lady for using bad language. People need to fuck off.