Monday, March 3, 2008

Revisionist History-- Adam Duritz and a head full of stitches

My friends have all heard this story while seated next to me in a bar and subjecting ourselves to the randomness of the juke box and yes i've taken quite a bit of shit for it but in the end it doesn't really matter cuz at the time it was the record that got me through the summer of discontent, doesn't matter that it wasn't the Clash or the Smiths or Radiohead or some such other hip fucking band, at the time hipster bands were the furthest thing from my mind, basically all i wanted to do was survive the summer and have enough money for a place to live when the lease was up...

1994 was the beginning of the wilderness years, i had just dropped out of grad. school and like many students, ex-students and the migrant service workers i headed to Ocean City, Md to wait on touristas for the summer season, it would be my fourth and final summer in the land of overweight Midwesterners, my last stint at the Fry Hut where i would be dubbed by my boss as "the rock on which i would build my church", church being a french fry stand apparently, it was supposed to be grand but instead in turned into an unmitigated disaster...

i was living in a slum on 8th street, a three story apartment building illegally subdivided by the slumlord, with the electric rigged in all sorts of ways so that if a fuse blew three different apartments would partial power, the building would be officially condemned by the end of the summer and living with six other people would not help matters, the cast included the insane, the idiotic, a Judas and a bitch, not to mention the girlfriend, an array of animals, some Dead-head, dope dealing neighbors, fascist cops, Limeys and Paddys who took care of my now deceased cat, transients, thieves, liars, bastards and anything and everything else you could think of..
the rest of this post was mysteriously eaten by the interweb demons but don't worry kids the rest will be coming soon, you'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll be the fucking feel good hit of the summer, i'm just to spent to finish it at the moment but check back for the exciting conclusion... to be cont.

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